Using found images, I am creating SoulCollage cards that describe aspects of my inner self, shared here for others on the path to self-discovery -- Come, explore with me!

January 10, 2007


Hard to believe it's been nine months since I posted a soul collage here. I'm back on track now, and hope to kick start my creative juices and be able to blog more often.

March 30, 2006

Patternkeeper - Council SoulCollage Card

This card came together intuitively, and it wasn't until I attended a workshop with Anne Marie Bennett that I worked with a partner (Thanks Anne!) to discover its meaning.

Who are you and what do you have to give me?
I am the one who watches the crystal in the center. I am the guardian of the circle, the shaman who makes sure that everything remains aligned. I know the spiral - in and out - through the rocks, through the impermanence of the sand to the crystal at the inner core. I am the force that keeps the fire, keeps the pattern, all through the the night, protecting life from the middle of the lifeless desert.

I give you the ability to focus and concentrate on your inner spiritual core, watching over you through the night, keeping what's holy alive. I provide the wisdom at the end of the day, acknowledging that that every dusk precedes a dawn.

What do you want from me?
I want you to focus on what's important on the inside and guard what is holy.

Saboteur - Council SoulCollage Card

This card came from a poster that I found in a pile of magazines from a tag sale, and I really didn't like the image, but I kept thinking about the eyes, and so went back and used just that part to make a card. For couple of months I didn't know what it was about -- I thought maybe fear -- but it was more predatory, causing me to feel the fear, not about the fear itself. In the end I figured out that it was about harming myself -- sabotaging my efforts to improve my life and my health. It was as if I had looked in the mirror and these were the eyes I saw looking back at me -- and then that "Saboteur" voice within immediately connected to this image that I had made into a SoulCollage card months earlier.

Who are you and what do you have to give me?
I am the one who undermines your plans and gfood intentions. I sabootage your health, your success, your relationships -- I'm the one who keeps you from following your intuition. No tricks are too dirty for me, too under-handed. I provide the antithesis to allow you to value your still, small voice inside -- without the dark there is no light.

What do you want from me?
I want you to forget your power, or to misuse it. To live in a fog of materialism and guilt and overeating.

March 04, 2006

Tiger - Companion SoulCollage Card

Second Chakra: I am the heat of the night, the one who takes what she needs. I am a ferocious hunter, yet walk gently and silently on the earth. Intense, focused, efficient -- yet languid and relaxed. I am a fierce protector of children while being a gentle mother.

The second chakra is associated with the color orange, the sense of taste, or appetite, and the element of water. All of which I looked up after I did the guided meditation for SoulColage companion for my second chakra and made this card from a single image.

According to the Brofman Foundation website: This chakra is associated with the parts of the consciousness concerned with food and sex. It is about the body's communication to the Being inside, about what the body wants and needs, and what it finds pleasurable. The person's ability to have children is also associated with this chakra. If there is not a clear relationship with the element of water, associated with this chakra, the person's relationship with water is a reflection of their relationship with the parts of their consciousness associated with this chakra, i.e. food, sex, or having children. This chakra is also associated with the emotional body, and the person's willingness to feel their emotions.

February 28, 2006

Elephants - Companion SoulCollage Card

Root Chakra -- I am the one who is grounded in family, who is strong and unmoveable or fierce when need be. I am social, and like to be around others.

According to a website, I also found that the root chakra is associated with --
Color: Red
Sense: Smell
My subconscious must be working overtime!

Here's some other info from the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing website about the root chakra: Security, survival, trust, the relationship with money, home, job. Ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. Ability to allow one's self to be nourished, in the sense of allowing one's Inner Being to be satisfied. This chakra also reflects a person's connection with their mother, and with Mother Earth. How the person feels about being on the earth. Connection with the physical body.

February 23, 2006

Kookaburra - Companion SoulCollage Card

Inspired by the children's song:

Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
Gay your life must be

Not sure which chakra this one connects with yet, but it is full of happy energy.

February 20, 2006

Inner Leader - Council SoulCollage Card

This is one of the archetypes I've indentified after ready Caroline Myss's book Sacred Contracts. I am the one who chooses the path, sets the direction, and shows the way. I have vision from a high vantage point and knows which way to go. ARCHETYPE

Inner Athlete - Committee SoulCollage Card

I've rarely identified myself as an athlete since I haven't been "muscular" in a very long time, but I think there are times that my inner athlete really wants to come out of the closet. So this card sort of came together of its own accord to honor this neglected side of myself.

Inner Child - Council SoulCollage Card

This is a photo of me when I was little more than a year old. I am the one who wants to play, is innocent and optimistic. I am waiting for you to let me out. ARCHETYPE

February 13, 2006

Saint Michael - Community SoulCollage Card

. . . of the gondola. How appropriate as Valentine's day approaches.

Italy - Sacred Places SoulCollage Card

The many faces of Italy. As I plan my next journey, Italy has been on my mind almost constantly, and made these three cards all at the same time. I may start a new suit of significant places in my life. Italy, of all the places I have lived, has had the greatest impact on who I am right now, including the decision to return home and leave Italy. Who would have thought it would take eight more years to return again?

Italian towers - Sacred Places SoulCollage Card

Siena and Florence and a frutta e verdura mercato.

Venice - Sacred Places SoulCollage Card

City of dreams, mystery and romance. My favorite place in the whole world. Where I have spent many happy days wandering, being more spontaneous than I ever thought possible. Where I got engaged in a gondola.

January 28, 2006

Art Appreciator - Committee SoulCollage Card

I am the one who appreciates art, who needs the visual to understand and make sense of the world. I love bold colors, especially in combination.

Force of Nature/Acts of God - Council SoulCollage Card

I am the one who strikes unexpectedly, forcing changes big and small. I am the one who ruins your plans, forcing you to adapt to ever changing circumstances.

January 27, 2006

Never enough time - Committee SoulCollage Card

I am the one who struggles to finish the million to-dos on my list each day, who falls asleep before she's ready, who never has enough time for the essentials, let alone the luxuries (like sleeping!)

Artist - Council SoulCollage Card

I am the one who loves rainbow colors, getting messy, being flomboyant and creative. I "make and do" all types of projects, collage, acrylics, knitting, and on and on. ARCHETYPE


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