Using found images, I am creating SoulCollage cards that describe aspects of my inner self, shared here for others on the path to self-discovery -- Come, explore with me!

February 28, 2006

Elephants - Companion SoulCollage Card

Root Chakra -- I am the one who is grounded in family, who is strong and unmoveable or fierce when need be. I am social, and like to be around others.

According to a website, I also found that the root chakra is associated with --
Color: Red
Sense: Smell
My subconscious must be working overtime!

Here's some other info from the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing website about the root chakra: Security, survival, trust, the relationship with money, home, job. Ability to be grounded, to be present in the here and now. Ability to allow one's self to be nourished, in the sense of allowing one's Inner Being to be satisfied. This chakra also reflects a person's connection with their mother, and with Mother Earth. How the person feels about being on the earth. Connection with the physical body.


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